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Gardena, CA.

Pipeline Games will introduce an innovative new crane game, “Mr. Vacuum” at the Bowl Expo next week. Unlike most cranes that utilize a claw to pick up the prizes, Mr. Vacuum operates on suction power. In addition, it’s small size gives it a lot of versatility as far as where it can be placed.

We’ve been testing the Mr. Vacuum crane for a couple of months now. The vacuum is able to pick up just about anything that has a smooth surface… anything from a gift card to an iPod, to a 3” capsule, so the operator can really tailor the prize selection to a particular location,” stated Dave Peckels, Vice President at Pipeline.

Mr. Vacuum can be wall mounted, placed on a counter or table, or mounted to an optional base unit. Measuring just 24” wide and 17” deep, it can be placed in locations where space is limited, or where a location owner won’t allow a full-sized crane. “We believe that Mr. Vacuum will open up a lot of locations to cranes that in the past had stayed away from them due to their large size,” stated Peckels.


Mr. Vacuum (Black)

Mr. Vacuum (Red)






Pipeline Games will be displaying Mr. Vacuum inside the AAMA Pavillion at the Bowl Expo in Las Vegas, June 30-July 1 2010.


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