Pentavision Entertainment completes merger with Pipeline Games, Inc.

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Pentavision Entertainment today announced the completion of its merger with US‐based Pipeline Games, Inc. The combined properties of the newly merged company, Pentavision Global, Inc. will offer in‐house product development and strategic licensing of coin operated amusement games.

James Ko, previously CEO and founder of Pipeline Games will serve as President, and Dave Peckels will continue to serve as the company’s VP of Sales. The new company headquarters will be in Gardena, Calif. (Los Angeles) and will also have R&D, assembly lines, and other operations in S. Korea.

“This alliance is a major strategic step for both parties and is another illustration of our drive to extend our presence in the amusement games & entertainment sector. The two firms are hoping that their different strengths will combine to form a business which is powerful on every gaming platform and in every territory,” said James Ko.

About Pentavision Entertainment
Pentavision Entertainment is a developer and publisher behind such titles as S4 League, DJ MAX and Dual League. It is a division of NEOWIZ (KOSDAQ: 042420) an internet and online game service company in South Korea.

About Pipeline Games, Inc.
Pipeline Games is a marketer and developer of coin‐operated amusement and video equipment based out of Gardena, California. It is a privately owned corporation and is the developer behind such titles as “Grip Strength” and the soon to be released redemption crane “Mr. Vacuum”.

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