Pentavision Global goes big at IAAPA ‘11

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Deluxe offerings to join product lineup

Gardena, California- “Go big or go home” perfectly describes attitude being taken by Pentavision Global for their offering at IAAPA 2011. In their second year at the annual trade show they will be presenting 3 new products, 2 of which feature gorgeous, brand new deluxe cabinets sure to garner plenty of attention.

- Mr. Vacuum DX -

Big brother to their successful “Mr. Vacuum” vacuum powered crane machine, this new cabinet brings the same innovation with a more traditional design. The new deluxe model cabinet features a large prize chute, ideal for high end electronic prizes such as tablet PCs, portable gaming consoles, digital cameras, and larger toys. It’s constructed with the same steel build as the original Mr. Vacuum with tempered glass windows for extra sturdiness and durability. This deluxe model is also designed with a new target based, 100% skill play style in mind while still offering the PMC system found in its predecessor.

- Mini Album -

Spiritually an updated, deluxe edition of “Photo Maker” from last year’s IAAPA show. This newly designed, completely revamped photo machine features a vibrant 22” LCD Touch screen, eye-catching LED lighting and a fun, colorful cabinet design. Users can connect a wide variety of phones, digital cameras and portable storage devices to select images from and create their own mini keychain photo albums. Each session includes 2 mini photo albums and 2 sets of 14 hand picked images, which users can customize before printing with a wide variety of stamps and frames. If a user doesn’t have a phone or storage device, the cabinet also features a built in, high resolution camera for new photos. Going one step further, the cabinet can also connect to facebook via wifi for customers to select photos from their account to include in their mini album.


This is the latest update for the DJMAX series of rhythm/action video games. Featuring over 160 songs, including licensed tracks from chart topping Korean Pop artists, this new game is the biggest update the DJMAX franchise has seen to date. Also included is the new “Crew Challenge” mode, which allows players who use the online Platinum Crew service to join their friends in a wide variety of challenges and missions. These new challenge and mission modes will be constantly updated and will provide endless hours of replay value while allowing players to earn exclusive unlocks and bonus points. This will be present in both the deluxe “Studio” cabinet, and the economical “Solo” cabinet.

The team at Pentavision Global happily invites everyone to check out these new offerings during the IAAPA expo at booth #412.


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